2018 Mac Business Expo: Highlights

Every year in early June, we hold the Mac Business Expo, which brings together influential experts from all computer-related fields.  Every vendor pays for an exhibit where they can showcase their business products and services for the day.  The 2018 Mac Business Expo was held two blocks from Central Park and had a total of 57 vendors from Albany, Buffalo, and the 5 boroughs of New York City.  Doors opened at 9 AM to an impressive crowd of more than 1,300 tech-savvy consumers who were excited to meet with local business owners and learn more about how to use computers to improve their search engine optimization and web design.

The 2018 Mac Business Expo program featured 7 keynote speakers presenting on artificial intelligence, social media, web development, local and national SEO, and business building tips.  Three of the featured businesses that shared their stories from the conception of the idea all the way to the current day, and their future plans.

Our Favorite Speaker at the 2018 Mac Business Expo

None of the speeches were quite as impressive as the one give by Luke Van Der Veer, SEO expert and owner of Digifly Marketing, a New York search engine optimization company.  Luke began by sharing his story and why he chose the field of SEO.  He then provided countless actionable tips that local business owners could use to begin improving the amount of targeted traffic their websites bring.

Luke’s story was an interesting one and his advice should not be taken lightly.  He started out in the field of internet marketing by building websites, ranking them at the top of the search engines, and then renting the sites to local business owners.  This was a very creative approach that none of our staff or the audience had ever thought of.  Luke stated that establishing a lead generation site made sales easier because the proof that it worked was already there.  When a business owners hears phone calls coming in, that’s it – it’s an easy sell.  Additionally, Luke mentioned that he used search engine optimization in numerous niches because the process was always the same, at a high level.

In case you missed it, here’s Luke’s process for generating leads using SEO:

Choose a Niche

If businesses exist and they use the internet, you can use SEO to bring in more leads.  So, it comes down to what market you’d like to work in.  Some people choose niches based on enjoyment, while others choose based on monetary value.  Luke mentioned that he searches for niches with low to moderate competition, in which he could charge a substantial rental fee for leads.

Find the Keywords

Pay for a tool like SEM Rush and look up the top competitor in the market.  Export their keyword list and sort it to determine the most valuable keywords.  The trick here is to pick keywords that have a high volume and a high cost per click.  These keywords are the most valuable; highlight them green.  Next, choose keywords that have a slightly lower volume and lower competition.  These will be the secondary keywords to target; highlight them yellow.

Build the Website

Research what other competitors in this niche and local market have done and blow them out of the water.  Your goal is to completely obliterate their content.  The information on your website should answer every possible question your consumers could possibly have.  Then, Luke recommended going back through the content targeting one primary and two secondary keywords per page.  This ensures that each page of your website ranks and that the pages don’t compete against each other for the same keywords.

Do Citations

Whether you buy them or do them yourself, you need citations.  These are any listing with your name, address, and phone number (NAP) online; links to your website are frequently included as well.  Companies like White Spark offer citations at $4 each.  Luke’s team offers them for $3 each.  Citations are meant to get your business name out there.  They help to establish trust for Google, and they’re a necessary element to rank high in the map section.

Build Backlinks

When speaking about link building, Luke mentioned that there were many different ways to do it.  He described a lot of them, but stated that he’s not going to recommend one over another because different niches require different types of links.  Here are some of the methods to acquire backlinks:

  • Guest Posting
  • Offering up stories for newspaper articles
  • Infographic creation
  • Manual outreach after content creation

Wrapping Up the Event

Overall, the 2018 Mac Business Expo was a tremendous success.  The technology and the energy of the crowd were really something.  Both consumers and vendors reported great experiences.  Event tickets for 2019 are already sold out, so we’ll be moving to a new location and we may also consider expanding to include more vendors.  We’ll notify everyone on our website if we do end up opening up the event to a larger crowd.